If an advisor gets uncomfortable or can’t explain in a few sentences how they are paid, run away, fast!

-Nicholas J.D. Olesen, CFP
Private Wealth Manager

Clients pay us for our time and advice. It’s really that simple.

As an individual or family, clients can work with us in two ways.  First, we can provide wealth management advice and financial planning recommendations for a fixed annual fee, which is based on the complexity of the advice. Second, we can provide solely investment management advice for a percentage of the assets we manage. Many clients ask us to handle both, but they are separate services.

Wealth Management Services
Asset-based fee; amount varies based on account size
Through this type of service, we provide investment advice for assets that we oversee.  We use a combination of strategic and tactical asset allocation to provide both diversification and entry and exit points.

These fees range from 0.6-1.5% of assets we manage (annual fee paid quarterly directly from accounts).

Financial Planning Services
Flat annual fee based on complexity of financial situation.
For clients looking for comprehensive financial planning advice, we provide in-depth and integrated analysis of your financial goals, as well as recommendations to help you reach them.

These fees range from $1,550-14,550 per year.

Retirement Plan Consulting
Fixed or asset-based fee for small business owners
Through this type of service, we work with the retirement plan committee to develop and maintain the plan’s investment strategy. We also provide plan design and compliance, fiduciary oversight, employee communication and education, and investment due diligence for small-business owners.

These fees can be hourly consulting fees paid by the company or asset-based through the retirement plan.