Our Approach

Step 1: Throw out the old “Wall Street” mentality of doing things because it mostly benefits the advisor or firm.

Step 2: Put clients first while providing personal, unbiased, comprehensive wealth management advice.


Starts with a conversation about YOU

The differences between how we work with clients and how most “advisors” work with clients is clear from the beginning. We start with understanding our clients goals and financial situation before we start talking about us. We want to fully understand what our clients need and what is on the line if they don’t achieve their goals.

Yes, we could go on and on about how much better we believe our wealth management services are than others, but if we don’t understand and take care of what keeps clients up at night worrying, what good are we.

Then discuss how WE can help

Once we fully understand what you are working towards and where you stand financially, we then start to discuss how we can help. This is where we begin giving insight into where we believe we can be the most help. We will explain how we work with our other clients and what type of advice and service is best for you.

We will dive into details about the service that is best for you, explain what you should expect from us and what we expect from you, and determine the appropriate fee.

Why our work is so important